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Blissed Psychiatry LLC is a private practice providing telepsychiatry services to children, adolescents, young adults and women in need.

 Serving entire Florida, Georgia, North Carolina & Virginia, Montana

"Our goal is to provide comprehensive psychiatric evaluation with an individualized treatment plan to enable an individual to achieve their goals in mental health and be blissful!"

Sonal Goswami, MD

Vision of Blissed Psychiatry

Blissed Psychiatry was envisioned by Dr. Goswami to provide telepsychiatry services to the families in need from the comfort of their home. Technology is a blessing if it is used for the right reason!

 Along with that by providing direct care to patient, we are allowing direct access to the doctor to provide more personal care and also that way avoid delays in treatment. 

Our goal is to provide an excellent care to every patient who is appropriate for this practice. We provide psychiatric consultation keeping in mind of every person is different and then recommend appropriate treatment plan. Our goal is to guide our patients about their diagnosis, treatment options and how to approach it with the understanding of mind-body connection and that our body has natural healing power and how to be functioning in day to day life and achieve their goals. 

Treatment recommendations may or may not include medication treatment depending on the individual care plan. Our approach is multi modal care, as medication only is not effective plan of treatment in all psychiatric conditions especially in children.

Team work is also important to achieve success in any treatment and we want patient's/family's full involvement in care. We also involve primary care physician if needed in the care plan.

 To practice in patient's best interest and the way we have  envisioned to help our patients, We are Non Par with all insurance companies except Cigna Healthcare ,FL.

So if you are technology savvy, want personal and caring service without long waiting, then what are you waiting for! 

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Blissed Psychiatry