Practice Policy

Please read practice policies before making an appointment.

  1. Blissed Psychiatry consultative prescreening evaluation requests and/or consultations come with no guarantee or expectation of an appointment, treatment, or formation of a physician-patient relationship.

  2. Doctor-patient relationship will be established only when both sides agreed upon regarding the expectations for the treatment plan, follow up care after initial consultation and if the patient is appropriate for our practice.

  3. In minor patient, it may take 2-3 visits to do complete consultation depending on the complexity of case to come up with the diagnosis, treatment plan.

  4. No medication script will be provided that is started by another psychiatrist, unless we agreed upon the treatment plan and accepted the patient for ongoing treatment.

  5. Due to the telepsychiatry platform and having a small practice, we are not equipped to handle crisis intervention. We do not provide after hours crisis intervention or urgent care. We do provide on call service for urgent issues for established patients.

  6. All payments/copay/coinsurance are due in full at the time of the scheduling an appointment. Please review consultation/follow up charges under fees. Your credit card information will be saved by the credit card processing company for future services/fees. We may send you a text about the payment from Ivy payment services, 24 hours before your appointment.

  7. Full visit fee will be charged for "NO SHOW" and if the appointment has been cancelled less than 24 hours before the appointment. "NO SHOW" will also be applied if the patient is not physically located in the state we are practicing. Visit will be disconnected if the patient is not located in FL,GA or VA. This is related to medical license law requirements. Considering time restriction through tele visit, if the patient is 10 minutes late for the appointment, it will be considered as "NO SHOW" and will be charged in full.

  8. We value our time and our patient's time. So if you are not able to keep the appointment, please notify us 48 hours before the appointment, so we can offer that time to someone else who is in need. No extra charge for rescheduling or cancelling the appointment more than 48 hours before the appointment. If the appointment is also not finished due to technical difficulties on our side, fees will be refunded or we will reschedule the appointment without an extra charge.

  9. Refills will be given at the time of the appointment. No refills will be given if no showed for the follow up appointment as recommended. For any specific genuine reason, if unable to make an appointment soon enough and needs the medication refill, it will cost $50.00. Do not provide 90 days scripts. Do not accept refill request from the pharmacy.

  10. Follow up visits depend on the acuity of the symptoms and the need for therapy, frequent medication adjustments/ side effects and several other factors. Follow up plans will be discussed at the time of the evaluation. Once stable on current medication regimen for 2-3 months then only 3 months follow up appointment for medication management will be made.

  11. If not seen for follow up longer than 6 months, then the patient will be considered new to the practice. Patient needs to be accepted by Dr. Goswami as a new patient depending on her ability to accept new patients at that time.

  12. It has been recommended to have PCP for your medical needs and encouraged to update Dr. Goswami about any medical condition, change in medication per PCP. Dr. Goswami would also encourage coordination of care with PCP and also need to have yearly physicals done by PCP.

  13. No medication changes will be discussed via phone or email. DO NOT CHANGE MEDICATION DOSAGE WITHOUT CONSULTING YOUR PSYCHIATRIST.

  14. Phone calls: 5 minutes phone calls are free. More than 5 minutes will be charged for $50 for every 15 minutes.

  15. Paper work: No paperwork will be done on the day of the appointment and need to allow 5-7 days. Charges will apply based on time expended at hourly rate of $ 300.00.

  16. Any disability/medical leave forms will be directed towards your PCP.

  17. All clinical questions, refill requests, appointment changes should be sent via patient portal.

  18. Do not prescribe controlled substances. (Ryan Haight Act).

  19. If interested, we do provide consultation for ADHD for nonstimulant medication options or if the PCP is willing to prescribe stimulants.

  20. We do follow HIPPA privacy rules and if requested, will provide a copy of HIPPA privacy rules.

  21. All information is confidential until it involves risk of harming self or others or any ongoing sexual/physical abuse. We are required by law to report it to the legal services.

  22. Patients should be physically located in the state we provide services at the time of the appointment. Currently we provide services in FL, GA, NC & VA. If the patient is located in any other state during the appointment, the appointment will be cancelled and the patient has to still pay the full amount for the visit.

  23. During every appointment for a minor patient (child/adolescent), at least one biological parent/legal guardian is required to be present. No medication/treatment information will be discussed with a step parent/care taker who is not a legal guardian. An appointment will be disconnected if no biological parent is present during the visit and need to be rescheduled. Full fee will be charged for the appointment time. Do not accept prescreening form from a case worker, step-parent/god parent or a social worker. Only accepting from a legal guardian or patient itself.