What is Telepsychiatry

What is Telepsychiatry?

It is providing the psychiatric services via using the technology, so a person can see the MD psychiatrist from the comfort of their home. No need to travel to doctor's office or deal with traffic or waiting time. It happens through a video conference so you can see your doctor and talk without any interference and still can get same evaluation, treatment plan.

What do I need for the visit?

All you need is a laptop/computer/smartphone/tablet, good Wi-Fi connection and a personal place where you can talk in privacy without any distractions. You can use headphones if you want. Patient has to be physically present in the states that we are providing telepsychiatry services. Currently we are providing services in Florida. More states will be added as practice grows.

Is Telepsychiatry for everyone?

No. Telepsychiatry services are not appropriate for patients:

  • Who are in acute crisis or in need for urgent evaluation

  • Someone who has very complex medical and psychiatric history that require in person evaluation, monitoring or multimodal care.

  • It is also not appropriate for people who do not have internet access or are not comfortable with video chat.

  • Who needs controlled substances.

Is it HIPPA compliant?

Yes! Telepsychiatry services are provided by using HIPPA compliant platform for a video conferencing, email and by using EMR. A copy of privacy policy will be provided upon request.

Tips for good Televisit:

  • Our visit will be done under HIPPA compliant platform thru Doxy.me website.

  • Make sure you have reviewed the practice policies, fees and agreed upon and signed the consent form for telepsychiatry visit.

  • You will be receiving a text or an email thru CHARM EHR to connect for the appointment or you can connect thru this website doxy.me icon.

  • Please allow yourself to login 15 minutes before your appointment time and wait for the Dr to join.

  • If for an reason the video connection is disconnected, we will call you on your phone for a video call. That call will also be HIPPA compliant.

  • To start virtual visit, make sure you familiarize with the technology you are going to use it. You can start visit from smart phone, laptop, tablet or a computer. Proper sitting with a laptop/computer preferred.

  • make sure you have good internet connection or WIFI. Check your audio, video setting.

  • Need to be in a quiet place with privacy of you home.

  • Do not recommend scheduling a visit when you are out in public places, traveling or driving.

  • Be in a well lighted area.

  • Need to have at least one biological parent/ legal guardian present during every visit for a child/adolescent patient.

  • Only schedule visit when you physically located in the states where we provide telepsychiatry services.

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