• Psychiatry Consultation:

    • Child/Adolescent: Provides thorough evaluation in 90-120 minutes by dividing sessions in 2 if needed. One session for parents only to provide history, their concerns and 2nd session is divided between child/adolescent evaluation and then discussing the treatment recommendations with the family. It will also give opportunity for the family to ask questions.

    • Adult: provides one session consultation for 60-75 minutes.

    • Second Opinion: Provides second opinion in one session or 2 sessions for total 120 minutes. Need to get all previous medical records before the visit to review.

  • Medication management

    • For an established patient, medication management will be provided to discuss medication options, manage side effects and lab/vital monitoring. Supportive psychotherapy, parenting guidance can be part of medication management. While adjusting meds ,initial f/u appointments will be more frequent depending on the case. Once stable it will be every 2-3 months. Please see practice policies for refills.

  • Psychotherapy

    • Provide supportive psychotherapy, parenting guidance, stress management.

    • If you have more need for therapy, it will be recommended to see a trained psychologist.

  • Wellness /Life transition counseling

    • Provides guidance to find balanced healthy life Also provide counseling for stress related to transitioning phases in life.

  • Presentation/ Writing:

    • Experienced in teaching about common psychiatric disorders, medications to students, medical residents, nursing staff and parents. Happy to do power point presentation for the small group. Email for more information.

    • Available to write on article related to mental health for magazine/news papers/blog etc.

Contact: Blissed Psychiatry LLC


Phone: (904)513-8747